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Dedicated Contract enforcement and Debt Collection Services

If you're attempting to assert your rights under a contract or collect debts owed to you, put yourself in the best possible position to succeed by working with a financially-minded and confident attorney. I have extensive experience helping those with small to mid-size businesses in the construction, retail, and real estate industries to collect the debts you may be owed, and I am ready and willing to assist you in this process.

If a customer of your business has failed to comply with a contract, failed to pay you monies owed to you for your goods or services, refused to cover an expense, failed to comply with a lease, or has otherwise breached a contract with you, my assistant and I are here to assist. Together, we can seek to bring in the money you are owed.

Our number one goal in our contract enforcement process is to place you at the top of the list on a customer’s attention and response to you and either seek enforcement with the courts or structure a satisfactory settlement. If the customer does not respond, it is most likely that we can obtain a judgment against that customer. Of course, not all efforts are successful since the customer may have closed its doors.

If you are ready to take action and seek collection of the monies you are owed, schedule a no-fee initial consultation with me in Houston, Texas, today to discuss your case. I am proud to deliver experienced counsel to businesses and individuals throughout Northwest Houston.


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estate planning and Careful Planning for the future of you and your family

There are numerous methods to preparing your estate planning. One of our first goals for you is to determine whether we can avoid the necessity for probate proceedings upon your demise. This is accomplished by properly titling your assets and ensuring beneficiary designations have been made. Regardless of the ability to avoid probate, a Will setting forth your designation of an executor and the disposition of your assets is advised in the event that an asset designation is missed. Taking these steps for the future of your estate is the best way to ease the difficulty faced by your loved ones upon your demise. If you are ready to start the process of creating an estate plan for your loved ones and the disposition of your property upon your demise, I am ready to provide you with personal guidance for your estate planning.

I am available to lead you through each aspect of creating an estate plan. If you are interested in writing a will, establishing powers of attorney—financial and medical, setting up trusts, or preparing a deed, there is no time like the present.

Each of these decisions and processes will allow you to clearly communicate your wishes for the transfer of your property, the care of your children, and more. This will ease the burden on your loved ones after your demise.

Estate planning is a very personal area for clients, which is why I am dedicated to delivering customized legal assistance with your best interests in mind. I'll get to know your unique goals so I can lead you toward the solutions that best fit your specific circumstances. While it may seem unnecessary to start planning now, getting an early start on the creation of the necessary documents can allow you to move forward with peace of mind. Your estate planning should be reviewed every five years or when there has been a major event affecting your estate plan, such as the death of an executor or beneficiary.

Protect your assets, your loved ones, and your future well-being through the creation of a comprehensive estate plan. Schedule a consultation with me today at (281) 970-7001 or to get the process started.